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Vocational training center

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For the purpose of realization of the project vocational education and training center was the ecumenical "Lazarus Public Charitable Trust - LPCT" founded.

Our Goals

  • We help victims of poverty in India, especially families, regardless of their nationality and ideology.
  • We help victims of poverty directly. We raise public awareness of the causes and consequences of poverty.
  • We are committed to social conditions which prevent or alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion.
  • We use the funds entrusted to us and resources sustainably and responsibly.
  • We help where people fall through all the stitches social security.
  • We stand for the marginalized, oppressed and so-called "untouchables" one.
  • We care for emancipation, self-help and provide the poor to "eye level" in society.
  • We create professional and personal perspectives for singles and families.

Our approach

  • We do this as “Lazarus Public Charitable Trust - to LPCT” in India, with the Order of St. Lazarus of Liechtenstein and the Lazarus welfare organization in Liechtenstein, which is represented by two members in the LPCT. A member of it will continuously locally supervise, will care for and will lead all measures and activities.
  • We co-operate with organizations and authorities locally.
  • We are non-profit.
  • The projects are aligned to purpose fulfillment, effectiveness and economy.
  • We have good internal and external control structures.
  • We maintain transparency concerning activity and accounting.
  • We maintain a high ethics in the raising of funds and in communication.
  • We maintain advocatenomic commitment (Advocacy).
  • We refer the concerning.

Contact Info

+91 9656 140 918
Postal address
Lazarus Public Charitable Trust – LPCT (Reg. No. 84/13, Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 582), Office: C/o, Vineesh Bhavan, Plavila Puthen Veedu Kilikottukonm, Ooruttambalam P.O. Trivandrum 695 507 Kerala, India
Bank account in FL
Lazarus-Orden Liechtenstein    
Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB)

IBAN: LI45 0880 0461 3006 42001
BLZ: LI-9490 Vaduz - Liechtenstein (LI)
Clearing Nr.: 8800

Tax-exempt in Liechtenstein: File reference 218 846


Bank account in India
State Bank of Travancore
SBT Account No.: 67287263067;
MICR: 695000031;
CIF: 77113440444;
IFSC: SBTR0000308;
Branch Code: 70308;
Tax-PAN No.: AABTL1788R

Translated with Systran interactively Translator. As original the version into German is considered.




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